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RU CS in a Box

MIDDLE SCHOOL Computer Club in a Box! This Special Project would provide professional development to 20 middle school and elementary school teachers in the area of computing concepts with the goals of having these teachers initiate a computer club or integrate computing concepts in their current curriculum.  We will provide professional development and ongoing support and mentoring to these middle school and elementary school teachers.

This initiative will consist of two face-face workshops:

  October 18, 2014 (CS Unplugged Activities and Programming in Scratch)

  December 6, 2014  (More with Scratch, Finch Robots)

 *   It will terminate with a display and/or demonstration of student work during Rutgers Day in late April 2015.  Each participating teacher is expected to complete the workshops, incorporate CS at their school by having at least four CS activities/events with students and participate in a showcase of their accomplishments at Rutgers Day. These teachers will receive a Finch robot and MaKey-MaKey Invention Kit for their classroom or computer club.

*    Computer Science Ed Week (December 8 - 14, 2014): We encourage all NJ Schools to take part in this Celebration of Computer Science.  Our workshops described above will prepare teachers to participate in CS Ed Week 2014.<http://csedweek.org/

As a very important note:  The demand for computer science graduates has significantly increased over the last decade and is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.  By 2020 it is expected that there will be one million more computing jobs in America than there will be qualified candidates.  This demand for high paying careers is leading to an increase in student enrollment in computer science classes at both the college and high school levels.  As an example, the number of students in New Jersey taking the AP Computer Science Exam has grown by an average of 16% per year over the last three years.  Our goal is to have computer science concepts and computation thinking practices introduced in the elementary and middle schools. We want our students to be prepared. 
Jeremy Milonas,
Oct 13, 2014, 9:34 AM