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Professional Development

CSTANJ Central & North
Wed. Feb 7th, 2018 
Location: Rutgers. 
Simultaneous Classes
Time; 6:00 pm to 7:00pm
Beginner: CSTA CNJ K-8 Representative Tristan Miller of Van Derveer Elementary School will be teaching a BEGINNER class in Scratch with emphasis on using Scratch across other subjects. ABSOLUTELY NO BACKGROUND IS REQUIRED. Invite your math teachers,
invite your science teachers, invite your art teachers, invite your principals, invite your K-8 colleagues, invite your new Governor! Make sure everyone brings a computer.

Getting Started with Scratch

Advanced: Lars Sorensen, one of our most amazing supporters from Rutgers, will be doing an introduction to PyGame. The expectation is that everyone will have basic knowledge of Python, have installed PyGame <https://www.pygame.org/wiki/GettingStarted> and bring their own computer. This is highly recommended if you are looking at offering a game programming class (easily pre, post or along with AP) at your school and, best of all, PyGame is mutli-platform.