Advocacy Representative

Daryl Detrick,

Warren Hills Regional HS, Washington NJ

A Note from Daryl:


I had the privilege of virtually attending the CSTA Northern NJ meeting yesterday and the CSTA Southern NJ meeting today. Both had outstanding presentations. CSTANNJ had a presentation by Apple on their CS curriculum, including their newly released APCSP course. If you have Apple devices in your school (K-12) you should look into this. CSTASNJ had a presentation on Carnegie Melon's CS Academy

The intro course in python is impressive and APCSP is coming out soon. Both curricula seem like great ways to introduce students to CS, especially for teachers who are new to teaching computer science. Not to be left out, last month the CSTA Central NJ had a really good meeting in which teachers shared physical computing devises that they used in their K-12 classroom.

This brought to mind two thoughts.

The first is that we are at an extraordinary time in CS education with so many great curriculum and resources. What a difference from a decade ago, when each of us were making our own courses from scratch (not Scratch). It really is an exciting time to get into teaching CS (We need a LOT more from K to 12). CSTANJ

chapter meetings are a great place to learn more and there are also professional development opportunities list at

The second thought is how valuable it is to have a CS community in NJ lead by the CSTANJ chapters. CSTANJ really is a big Professional Learning Community (PLC). Many of us are the only CS teacher in our school and we are very fortunate to have dedicated educators who are willing to lead the chapters and supportive universities who provide facilities and pizza!! Thank you to the chapter officers and the colleges that host the chapters, Kean, Rutgers and Stockton.

As the CSforAll movement in NJ expands, we could really use each of you to join as mentors for those who are new to CS. It can be scary being a new CS teacher, but as most of you know, once you get past the initial fear, it can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. I wouldn't want to be teaching anything else, especially since in 17 years of teaching CS I have never had a kid ask "Where are we going to use this?" Please consider supporting the chapters by attending meetings, making presentations and joining the leadership teams. You can help inspire the CS teachers of tomorrow and open doors of opportunity for their students. If you want to find out more about the chapter meetings or reach out the the chapter leaders, you can find information at

Good luck to those with upcoming AP exams and hope you all had a good 2018/19 school year.


Governor Murphy announced Computer Science for All initiatives today at Steinert High School, Hamilton Township NJ.

Important Computer Science FAQ sheet from NJDOE -

Latest News Oct 2, 2018

Governor Murphy announced Computer Science for All initiatives today at Steinert High School, Hamilton Township NJ.

Initiatives include:

  • Grants for up to 45 high schools to add CS, totally $2 million
  • New STEM office at NJDOE that will include CS education
  • Forming of Computer Science Advisory Committee to make suggestions on standards and state CS action plan
  • Governor Murphy is joining the national bipartician organization GovernorsForCS

Thank you to Governor Murphy, his staff and NJDOE.

Computer Science Education.

Good for our students.

Good for our state.

State of CS in NJ - - Aug 2018

CS Education bills

A3870/S2397 – Creates a computer science teaching endorsement.

Status: Signed into Law by Governor Murphy in August 2018

A2873/S2487- Require all high schools in NJ to offer CS class by 2018/19.

Status: Signed into law by Governor Christie in January 2018

A2597/S2161 – Make AP Computer Science count as a Math class beginning with the 2016/17 9th grade class.

Status: Signed into law by the Governor on January 19, 2016. NJ was the 26th state to make CS count as math or science.

A3440/S2030 – Require NJDOE to review CCCS to ensure they incorporate modern computer science standards.

Status: Signed into law by the Governor on January 19, 2016.

NJDOE added Computational Thinking and Programming Standards to 8.2 in 2014.

To find out more about the bills go to and type keyword “computer science”.

CS Education Statistics and Resources

Promoting CS in NJ with statistics -

State of CS report - 2018 -

CSTA standards (just as a resource, not what we use in NJ) - but the standards are going to be revised in 2019

K-12 CS Framework - (again, only a resource)

Link to the current NJ 8.2 standard -

Important Computer Science FAQ sheet from NJDOE -

NJDOE Provides Guidance on Computer Science Course Requirement