Central Chapter Meetings Info

North and Central Jersey chapters meetings will be held 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Rutgers on Wednesdays of every other month.


Schedule and Topics
October 3rd - Making CS Interdisciplinary - Speakers - Eve Balick "Girls Who Code" & Toms River "Tech Ready Teachers "

December 5th - Teaching Cybersecurity - Speaker - Mandy GalanteOver 15 years as a cyber educator Mandy Galante has worked towards creating cybersecurity learning opportunities for NJ students. She is currently consulting on three projects: building a curriculum for the Information Technology Institute at Mater Dei High School; managing the CyberStart schools program with the SANS Institute; and working as Education Outreach Coordinator for the NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell. She was recently appointed as the NJCCIC representative to the State Computer Science Advisory Committee. She has a Masters in Cybersecurity and holds multiple certifications including GSEC, GCIH, GCFE, GCFA, Sec+ and Net+. In her spare time Mandy coaches high school students in cyber competitions and runs summer GenCyber camps.

February 6th - CS Classroom Management - I hope you can join us. I think we have a lot of expertise among our group of teachers and we don't often get to "peak" inside each others classrooms to see what each other are doing. I hope these discussions will generate some new ideas/new tools/new approaches to think about. This meeting we will have mall group discussions on classroom management. Possible questions: how do you share files with students and have them submit work? Are there great tools for having students collaborate? How do you know each student understand the material, if they are working collaboratively? How do you identify and handle plagiarism? How do you deal with students being out sick/on a field trip? Any other classroom management questions that have been swirling around in your thoughts.
April 3rd, - Physical computing "Gallery Walk". Bring your favorite physical device (finch robot, lego mindstorm, raspberry pi) and tell everyone about how it works, what age groups you use it with, and why you like it. I will be bringing a microbit to share how I am using it to teach Python to high school introductory students.
June 5th - TBA


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